Love to lift!

Finally the barbell and weights arrived! I have been wanting to equip our gym properly for some time but money and time has been short.. So tonight to celebrate I started my weightlifting program for the season. There will be lots of squats, presses, clean & jerks and of course my favorite deadlifts over the next couple of months. As a climber there is always the issue of not wanting to gain to much weight. Fortunately this is something that does not come easily for me and the benefits of having a superstrong body to face life with is so much bigger.

And the most important thing of all; I love to lift! I love the feeling of something heavy and not moving suddenly floating up from the floor through sheer force that generates from a chain of muscles and will inside me. Sometimes it does feel like it is actually floating, other times it is like trying to move an elephant more than anything else.. But tonight was the first time I moved a barbell for some time so it felt heavy, but nonetheless I felt great afterwards. I can tell you that this session felt just enough after yesterday. And not to forget I had to carry the weights from the postal truck since it was too big to drive up the small road leading up to our house, a distance of approximately 200 meters which I repeated about five times! Tomorrow hopefully some climbing.

Deadlifts; after warmup 5 x 75% – 5 x 80% – 5 x 85%

Good Mornings: 5 x 12 reps

Evil Wheel: 5 x 12 reps

Evil wheel might be one of the best bodyweight exercises for core strength.


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