Strenght for the arms: Rope climbing

Strenght for the arms: Rope climbing

Yesterday my focus was to get a good workout for my arms. I designed a session that provided some well needed pump through rope climbing, weighted ring rows, weighted pushups, press, muscle ups and kipping pullups. Today I feel as I deserve.. To make things happen I find it perfect to mix and blend all sorts of movements that will trigger a wide range of muscles. Focus on good technique and go all in! Rope climbing makes you work hard and is a bit complex but gives you a great workout. On schedule tonight are deadlifts, fingerboard and some additional coretraining. Look up for updates on that!

Yesterdays training
4 x 5 biceps barbellcurls
4 x 8 barbell press
4 x 5 weighted ringrows
4 x 5 weighted pushups
5 x 2 ropeascents, down no feet!
5 x 1 strict muscle ups
50 kipping pullups for time


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