On the look out for new boulders!

We spent today resting properly, no training whatsoever. This can sometimes be harder than it sounds when we have our own gym 15 meters from the front door.. Every day seems like a good day to train and especially when it´s raining as it is. But tired and a bit under the weather, literally, we took a short trip to a woody area close to our house to look for boulders or walls to put up new routes and problems. There are plenty of walls of varying quality but the biggest problem here is the lack of holds. There are mostly cracks and they tend to be either too easy or too dirty to fight with. When we find something it is often too high, too low or just not interesting enough as potential boulderwalls.

But today we struck a bit more luck and found this massive wall that stretches about 200 meters wide and from 5 to 15 meters high. So lack of projects wont be the issue here. Just lack of time I suppose.. This will probably have to wait until fall when temperatures get better for bouldering and steep climbing but now we know where it is, and of course we´ll keep it a secret for a while longer..

On the look out for new climbing areas!
On the look out for new climbing areas!



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