Squats, weighted chins & stretching

I love strength training! I just do. There is more freedom to it than most believe. As a woman it is a fantastic feeling to feel that your muscles are working hard and that they respond to the increased load over time. Todays training felt really good! Squats, weighted chins and tons of core exercises between every set. Some well needed stretching to sum things up and thats that. I haven´t been training like this for almost 6 months so I can feel some drawbacks in my overall strength, but right now my motivation is high. As long as you don´t forget that it is the progression you want and not to impress people around you it is easy to enjoy every workout. Stretching has been a low priority since I stopped doing yoga on a regular basis a year ago. This has really made me stiff all over but at least I´m putting in some hip and shoulder mobility in each session. Here is a look at my session:

1. Squats: warm up on 60-70% of 1RM, then 3 reps 80% 1RM. Lower to 50% for 4 x 10 reps. (4 x 10 russian twists between sets)

2. Weighted chins: warm up on 60-70% of 1RM, then 3 reps 80% 1RM. Lower to 50% for 4 x 10 reps. (4 x 10 weighted situps between sets)

3. Superset: 4 x 10 evil wheel & 4 x 10 hip raise.

4. Stretching 15 minutes.

Squats 4 x 10 after heavy set for 3 reps.
Squats 4 x 10 for volume, after heavy set for 3 reps for strength.


Stretching the abs
Stretching the abs & softening my lower back



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