Hard training & recovery in paradise

My training is going well and two weeks of the new weightlifting program has gone by successfully. I feel strong and know that I will feel even stronger as every week goes by. I focus on doing deadlifts and weighted chins mondays, press & weighted pushups wednesdays, squats and weighted pullups fridays. The weekend is off for climbing only. It feels like a really good and fun schedule! Today I did some additional training just for the enjoyment of it. Thoughts on goalsetting for the fall are starting to appear but so far nothing is decided.. All I know is I want to be better and stronger then ever before and it is inspiring to feel.

My much loved family is gathered in Bohuslän now, all but my dad and my husband. It’s so nice to see them smiling and sharing good moments here in the most beautiful of places. I love it here, the sky is so big and reflects in the even bigger ocean just a hundred meters from our house. The light is ever changing and no matter the weather there is always a pure beauty. Truly a place to recover and rest.





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