Boulders at Häller

The boulders at Häller in Bohuslän are special. They are the result of the great ice moving across the country during the iceage, cutting sharply through the tough granite, pushing the boulders down from the wall to the valley below. The boulders landed on top of each other and created this impressive chaos. The size of the boulders give you a sense of how much force the ice must have had.. They are big, tall and sinister, almost alive.

The climbing you find here is not forgiving but difficult and technical. It is a mixture of really slopy holds polished by the ice and sharp edges calling for good skin. The variation of holds, angles and features makes the area more stimulating then would be expected since it is rather small. I have a bunch of projects here and there are problems still waiting for first ascents. The first thing you think of at Häller if you like ropeclimbing are not the boulders but the exposed, beautiful crackclimbing. But as a boulderer I see beyond and the valley speaks to me every time, even if I’m there for ropeclimbing. It is a very special place with a lot of history and soul. The beauty doesn’t need telling, it’s evident.
To learn more about the climbing in Bohuslän and if you want to come here, visit






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