The goal-way or the free-way?

I tend to train hard and make progress regardless if I set goals or not. But there is something magical about setting a goal and imagining that it floats in the sky like a balloon, surrounded by sparkling lights, almost in your reach but not quite.. Most times I keep them secret because I don’t want to be judged by other peoples oppinions of numbers, grades or weights. And also when I tell someone it tends to loose its mystery.

But I have them, of course, and they are just as desired as the ones that preceded them. So I’ll make a mental journey through the short term, mid term, long term and mega goals that eagerly awaits my approach. There are a few things that seem important; the execution of the training I need to do to get there, the tricks I need to use not to loose my motivation and the everyday rythm of eating, sleeping and resting that is parampount to actually get there in the end. You have to be meticulous in your planning to know that you have a good enough chance to win and the hardest part is to know this even after half the time has passed and you are starting to feel tired, disrupted by work, relationships, the flu or just life!

My biggest goal is to always keep on training and find happiness in doing so. This is the way I feel creative and brave, the challenge of always becoming better and stronger.

The other way, the goal free way is unclear and comfortable. It demands nothing other than a bit of consistency and good, solid food. This way it doesn’t matter if I interrupt my training to go riding, hiking or surfing or whatever, there is more room to be spontaneous. I can say that most of my training life has been shaped in this manner and results have been waiting, not to happen! About six months ago I decided to change this and started following a program for fingerstrength that would lead me towards a higher goal in climbing. It worked perfectly and there have been moments when I’ve felt frustration over why I never understood this before. I knew but never tried. So this is the year of goalsetting. It is in itself a goal, to aim for. Someome said the other day that new research tell of young people not thinking of their lives as having a future but they focus a lot more on the past. If this is true I almost feel that learning to set goals and work towards them is a lesson for life, not just a isolated event in my training.


Setting a goal and climbing to get there is as inspiring as reaching it!


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