Limitations & possibilities

I struggle with being short, some are too heavy, Stefan has to deal with, what he claims to be, the biggest hands in the climbing community.. These are all what could be called limitations in our climbing. It is the stuff that annoys you and makes you want to kick the rock, even though you won’t since that could break a toe, that would mess up the whole season. No, you just have to live with it and save the rock from your outbursts of frustration. Being too short, too big or to darn untalented. The trick is instead to find the upsides of your anatomy or climbing style. For me, my lack of height makes me pretty strong on steep terrain, where my core doesn’t have to work as hard holding my feet on the rock. For Stefan his hands are perfect for latching on to big holds and his gigantic reach makes it simple to climb really hard when vertical or slightly overhanging.

How come we forget about these obvious good parts of ourselves? Stefan struggles to get his fingres in the thin crack of ”Hassan chop” 7a so he still hasn’t done it on lead. But on the other hand he redpointed 8b on natural protection this fall, a route where the moves are so big and holds so far apart that I can’t even try them. I flashed the entire crux of ”Hassan chop” where he cannot even begin.. I do think we have to look at these situations and find the lesson in them. To win we have to loose, to gain we have to break down, to master we have to fail and learn. To be different in our climbing can be a great adventure if we allow ourselves to take part in our partners success instead of always expecting our own.



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