A good breakfast creates a sound body & mind

Eating for life is a motto I make people tired of hearing but a motto I think is very important. Food that provides good nutrition, building blocks for muscles and usefull energy. A typical breakfast for me contains a lot of fruit and berries, some walnuts, egg, bread made from sourdough and of course coffe that I can’t live without. I always try to choose food from organic farming. In this type of meal I get protein and fat from eggs and walnuts, vitamins and minerals from fruit and good carbohydrates from bread. The quality of what I eat is the most important part, not the price or what tv tells me to buy. Of course the rest of the day matters as well and I make sure that at least 80-90% of what I eat is fresh, not fabricated and organically grown. This makes for a sound body and a sound mind, things that matter the most to me.


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