Picture flashback: Seaside bouldering

What could be better than climbing on the beach, in the warm sun with nice seawater right beside to take a swim when it gets to hot? Well, some would say that a crisp autumn day in the sun with perfect conditions for doing your projects is even better, but this has its very own charm. No expectations, just for the fun and enjoyment. Petter Ulmert and his family came to visit us from Skåne for a few days and they were lucky to get really nice weather. Petter showing off that he is in pretty good shape, that place when you don´t even know it yourself but apparently people around you take notice..

Petter doing "Longitude" 7A+, Ulorna
Petter doing ”Longitude” 7A+, Ulorna
Enjoying the summer & climbing at once
Enjoying the summer & climbing at once
Petter on what we think is a 7B+/7C
Petter on what we think is a 7B+/7C



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