Training for life makes motivation easy

I now have four days left of my vacation and I’m starting to feel a sense of sorrow that I have to leave Bohuslän, again. It truly is the place I cherish the most and where I feel at peace.. The climbing is fantastic, the environment is beautiful, the weather dramatic and the ocean always brings me back to life when I’m feeling low. We have built our own gym in the garage where I can train just the way I like and be constantly inspired and focused. When I’m tired I can just take a walk in the surrounding woods and feel energized by the wilderness.

This is where I would choose to be if life was more simple, if the world didn’t expect from me to always consume more and work harder. Maybe I’ll get there sometime in a distant future. It is a dream I hold close to my heart regardless.. I had a great training session today with squats, coretraining, bouldering and ropeclimbing. I feel my bodystrength has increased but my fingerstrength has decreased; a natural result from not climbing as much but focusing on weightlifting. It doesn’t even matter, the joy of being free to do whatever felt best was just what I needed for this past month. Now it’s back to a bit more serious climbing but I will also continue to lift heavy three times a week for at least another eight weeks.

My goal is always to train for life, not for a competition or superficial reasons. I want to be strong when I’m 65 and still be able to train as much as I possibly can. Keeping this a priority makes motivation so much easier to keep. Climbing and weightlifting makes little difference as long as I feel deeply in love with the actual movement. That is what I believe is the meaning of it all, to move and train for the love of it.




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