Once there was a crossfitter..

Last year I was a crossfitter, no doubt.. I trained three days on, one day off and followed Crossfit Invictus Performance programming. I jumped, ran, trained with kettlebells, did massive amounts of dips and pull ups, lifted weights and pushed them. I became strong and fit like hell but sadly for me there was a prize to be payed; I trained too much because at the same time I tried to climb on a level that required time and effort in itself.. So I got sick and suffered from fever and throat infections that wouldn’t go away. It took me around 10 separate infections over just 8 months before my body decided it was over. All that time I didn’t realize but I definitely learned a lesson and I will never make the same mistake again.
Today I don’t do crossfit on a regular basis because I want to put that energy into climbing, and that requires more than you might think. But it was really fun to watch my husband and our friend Petter today as they did ”Fran” 21-15-9 reps of thrusters & pull ups. Stefan hasn’t done much legwork in some time because of a knee injury and I suffered with him as he took on the the 95 pound barbell. It doesn’t sound heavy but after the first round of 21 reps your legs are pretty smoked if they’re not in shape.. I don’t think I will take on crossfit the way I did last year for some time, my love for the barbell goes into just the three big lifts right now.. But I definitely think it’s great exercise for anyone with some experience in training! For beginners I wouldn’t recommend it but rather that they do some classic weightlifting and running before entering the world of the WOD.
(For anyone interested I do recommend going to a crossfit box or contact someone with experience, recent research clearly shows the risk of injury is great in crossfit, especially if you do not have previous knowledge from training.)

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