Return to yoga in the summer heat

Almost a week back in Stockholm, I can’t say it feels fantastic.. But it feels like I am slowly adjusting to being back to work again and training in the gym. It is horribly hot outside and there is no urge to go climbing, so I spend my nights at the gym instead of being disappointed by the side of some boulder. Training for climbing still feels a bit off right now so I try not to be hung up about it but instead focus at strength training and being motivated by that. It makes me feel better than any activity at this point.

This morning I also did my first hour of ashtanga yoga for about a year and a half. When I stopped I had been doing it five days a week for some time and I was as flexible as I could ever dream of, now it feels more like I am trying to bend a steel pipe but I try to remember my teachers words on the importance of not pushing into the movement but just being there, whatever works right now is where I need to be. Alongside the feeling of getting stronger every week from pushing my body in the gym, stretching and breathing on my yoga mat in stillness is a soothing act that I have surely missed.. It is all part of finding a good rhythm in life, not of being bigger or better. To stretch means you have to accept the pain and find peace in basically giving up.


The tenacious boys at K2 showed some will to get bigger tonight, calfs at least.. Not the most evident muscle for climbers to spend an hour training, but why not? It’s about having fun, nothing else. I admire them for doing what they want and not listening to voices telling them what they should or should not do, it is a quality I salute regardless of what muscle you feel like working out!



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