Campus & new programming coming up!

Tonight I finally went through with my first campus training for a long time! Like I wrote a while back I have been a bit hesitant towards it because of the high difficulty and also the risk of injury. But since I’ve been training my fingers really well this year I have felt more inclined to start working this classic tool for increased power. To my surprise it went fairly well and I felt stronger than I usually do on theses edges, I am sure it has a lot to do with my transgression training making it easier for me to actually hang on to the rungs. I haven’t been climbing almost at all the last month and I think it has been really good for me, resting my fingers and forearms and making me prepared to start crushing again now that the fall is approaching.

My husband helped me analyze the technique for my campusing and here are two pictures showing good form and bad form.. The first is during a move upwards where I have a strong back and a strong angle in my arms, making the movement smoother and lighter. The lower picture shows me collapsing in both fingers and body, I’m falling down in a open hand position instead of the half crimp and I loose the strength in my back making me just hang there like in a deadhang. What I want here is to keep the power and not straightening my arms too much when I’m laddering. It sure is a bit tricky but I feel psyched to keep doing it, once a week to start with for two weeks and then moving up to two days a week for another two-three weeks. I definitely do not want to get injured so I will keep it as safe as possible all the way.

I am also starting a new program for my weightlifting next week after completing a six week period of press, squat and deadlift. My focus for the next four weeks will be pure strength and then I will move on to a month of more easy volume. The last month has been sort of a combination between the two and I realize it will be hard to manage once I start climbing more again. I want to keep lifting but I have to be smart about the programming, avoiding overtraining and injury. I actually feel really motivated to become stronger then ever and I think for the first time I don’t really care if it collides with my climbing, the sense of being a strong person, a strong woman in life is a feeling I would never want to give up..












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