Playfulness in your game

Sometimes we take ourselves a bit too serious as climbers, making fools of the very athletes we strive to be. When you start to lose the sense of humour and humility you once had as a newbie, I think it is time to take a step back and look for that oh so important part of it all. The ability to laugh and put yourself in a place where it is fine to fail, fine not to be number one, fine to allow others to shine! It gets easier with age for me, I don’t feel as nervous about appearing in a certain way in front of other athletes. I am still pushing hard, wanting to be stronger, but not caring so much if the girl next to me in the gym manages to climb harder. It really doesn’t help out, only if it becomes a way of finding motivation and bravery inside can it be the very best thing for my progression.

Stefan and Petter always find ways to play around with their climbing at the same time as being very talented and performing well. I look to that and wish for everyone including me to be as playful and childish as them in moments when the moment is right.





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