Finally motivation returns!

I am so happy to feel the motivation coming back for climbing! Six weeks of heavy weightlifting did the trick of relieving me of some of the pressure I put on myself this spring. It’s necessary for me to take a brake and do something else to find that longing for climbing again. And once the weightlifting program was over last week I felt ready to start over with intense training for climbing. This week has been a great example of good execution; two bouldering sessions with good focus and two rope sessions where I got a nasty pump and managed to sense where I stand. I am definitely stronger on individual moves this year compared to last year but my endurance is low and needs massive attention. But two rope sessions mixed with two bouldering sessions per week feels like a set up that will bring results for me regardless of what I choose to climb this fall. At the same time my osteoarthritis sadly feels worse and I suffer from swollen finger joints that give me some pain as well, I just have to adjust to reality and climb as well as I can with this decease..

Today was spent at Skevik, a nice crag close to home. The routes are long for Stockholm, between 20-30 meters, and offers technical and crimpy climbing. I joined in on Stefans chase for endurance and we climbed a lot of the most classic routes between 6c+-7c and they all provide a characteristic pump and leave you wasted for the night. Sanne started working on ”Tabu” 7b and looked strong as she always does, it will go down next time we visit Skevik I’m sure! For me it took a hell of a lot more work than that a couple of years ago… She sure is a great climber. I am looking forward to next week when we return to Bohuslän for the weekend, temps are looking good for climbing and I feel psyched to do some jamming again!

Tabu 7b
Tabu 7b
Tabu 7b
Tabu 7b


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