Weekend back in Bohuslän

Everyday life has its charm.. But I feel happier than ever when visiting Bohuslän where I can climb, swim, train and spend time with friends. This weekend gave me a well needed brake after working full time for a month after I got back from Bohuslän in the middle of july. On friday I practiced falling on lead and it felt successful even though I have a long way to go. Saturday was a great day out bouldering at Häller and finishing off with some really good tapas in Lysekil. Today I pushed through my first crossfit session for months after spending a couple of hours sunbathing by the sea. It made me cry this time, the sheer ass kicking traits of crossfit. And it wasn’t even a very tough workout compared to what I used to do just six months ago! This time I’ve decided not to put any pressure on results, it’s just a great way to loose some exess weight and working on my full body endurance.

Tomorrow we will climb at Skälefjäll and I’m hoping the temps won’t be too dreadful for my project.. Never mind, I am enjoying the climbing regardless and I feel greatful to be able to move over real rock before returning to Stockholm tomorrow evening.

Some pictures from a sunny Bohuslän this weekend. I surely can not complain.







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