Picture flashback: Muscles on ”Dogma” 7A

Fortunately climbers do not tend to be completely obsessed with being muscular or having perfect bodily symmetry.. Most of the time. But of course a lot of us also have a well developed back area that we, maybe luckily enough, seldom gaze upon. Perhaps that would make us all too narcissistic and take away the not caring how we appear on the wall? Or perhaps I am wrong, it might be that almost all climbers are a bit in love with their own physique and that growing massive forearms is actually a way to get admiration from less developed bipeds?

Well, anyhow. Magnus seems to think he isn’t that fit, I hope I can prove him wrong with this picture from his ascent of ”Dogma” 7A at Häller this weekend? Never let my husband tell you you’re fat, ever again :-D.


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