Plans for the fall; trips & training

Going back, I can hardly count how many times I´ve been there but it´s always worth it; Fontainebleau makes for good climbing, nice company and tasty cheese. What more can you ask for? Besides that I hope for at least two more weekends full of bouldering in october! Åland and Kjugekull are hot candidates. These three places are so different from each other and they all provide unique bouldering in beautiful settings.

So in preparation I´ve started a eight week training program for climbing. Fingerboard, campus, bouldering, power endurance, some limited weight loss through trailrunning, mental training and lead climbing will all be packed neatly and tied up with a ribbon in my training diary. The focus for the first upcoming weeks will be pure strength, to get back some of that badass feeling I had in my forearms this spring. Fingerboard and bouldering really hard moves mixed with some core training and flexibility will fill the schedule for my indoor sessions. When I have the time to go outside I feel motivated to try some old projects on rope, pushing my comfort zone and falling on lead. It all actually helps for bouldering as well.. After that I will move on to power training and hopefully be able to spend some more time sharpening my technique on steep terrain. If all goes well I´ll stay healthy and free from injures.

Training like this is really a lot about pinpointing the weakest areas of my climbing and trying hard to get better. I have tried the ”lifestyle” approach before without structured training and I surely did not progress very much.. All though it helps if you actually love the training as such if you want to follow a weekly schedule, since it´s not the most relaxed way to spend your free time; it is hard work and it hurts. But I love it!
Tonight I will do running intervals up a steep slope with some of my favourite girls, I have to admit I am a bit scared.. 🙂



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