Picture flashback: Wednesday pessimism & ”Trevors odöpta” 6C, Orminge


My mother just told me about some new research where it’s been proven that pessimists tend to live longer than optimists, contrary to what the beliefe was before. So I suppose it’s time to do some good old complaining; too hot, too cold, too big fingers, too stiff, too weak.. We all face obstacles when climbing. This is a problem that bites back when it’s too hot, when you’re too short, when motivation fails. But when it’s all right maybe it deserves some more cred than what I’ve been giving it when everything felt wrong..? Even though I don´t consider Orminge to be the most beautiful climbing spot in this part of the country I know it’s popular so I’m surely misunderstanding something about the place? The pure fact that the name of this problem can be translated with something like ”nameless” says to me that there are better places you can spend a full climbing day.

Well, no more complaining.. It’s a nice picture at least.. But if you’re planning to go bouldering in Stockholm I would rather recommend going to Uppsala. At least the boulders are real boulders over there. I try to feel bitter but I am not really succeeding. My motivation is high and I’m looking forward to some great climbing trips soon enough. No, I think I will chose to keep up my optimism, at least when it comes to climbing. It usually always turns out really badly when trying the opposite. 🙂


En reaktion på ”Picture flashback: Wednesday pessimism & ”Trevors odöpta” 6C, Orminge

  1. Det där tror jag inte på! Pessimister kanske på sin höjd lever längre för att de är så trista och gnälliga att de aldrig tar chanser och lever ordentligt medan optimister dör lite yngre med ett leende på läpparna för att de levt ett liv! Jaharåå! 😉


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