”The sugary truth” – courage to write about food & eating habits

Talking about food and the habits of eating is one of the most sensitive subjects there is. Most people who know me well also know that I love to discuss and debate about food, a healthy lifestyle, training and wellbeing through life. I am not afraid of questioning my own habits or those of other people, out of curiosity and a search of deeper knowledge on the psychology of eating, training and being a human. Sometimes it might appear that I like to judge others, this is sadly a misunderstanding and relates to the way I sometimes express myself as being confident and strong. The truth is I care deeply for the wellbeing of others and the health of others and the reason is I went through a transforming process myself about ten years ago when I started taking a greater interest in these matters. I left depression, bad eating habits and inactivity for a happier healthier lifestyle that has given me some of the most rewarding experiences in my whole life.

For some time I have struggled to understand more and learn about the human physiology and human nutrition. Ranging from simply understanding what is a ”good” way to eat to how the actual nutrients work in our system and what their mission is. This is a massive undertaking but one that just gets more exciting the more I learn! Hopefully I will soon also be on my way to studying this more deeply at some university not far away..

As many of you know I’m always on the hunt for understanding how food can cause damage to our bodies as well as being important for our life. I intend to write on this matter more often, but sometimes I lack the courage scince I know it will aggrevate reactions and feelings amongst my readers (like I said, food is a sensitive subject..)
Lately the debate on sugar, empty calories, has overwhelmed the media and I seek to learn exactly how and why this white substance seems to relate to some of our most common most dangerous diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. If you feel that your own knowledge on sugar is limited, this video is a good starting point to learning more on why it might be necessary to learn more.

Please don’t hesitate to share your reactions and thoughts on this movie here on my blog! 🙂

The Sugary truth

2 reaktioner till “”The sugary truth” – courage to write about food & eating habits”

  1. Läs ”Biochemistry” Richard A.Harvey unit 1-5 för dejaljerad, referenssäkrad kunskap inom ämnet (protein, sockerarter, lipider upptag samt omsättning i kroppen. Även hormoners påverkan på blodscokernivåer tas upp.) Bra bok för intresserade.


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