The swedes are off to the promised land

National parks are closed in the US and it couldn’t have come at a worse time, for Stefan and Petter at least, and probably for more climbers heading to Yosemite. We can only hope that the politicians come to some agreement so the valley opens up soon enough for them to try ”El Corazon”. Leaving tomorrow and staying in the states for a month, they have enough time but not plenty to spend climbing in other areas while waiting for word from the government that the parks will open up again. I am sure they will have a great time regardless and that they will climb many a hard and awe-inspiring routes!

For me? Well, I’ll just keep working on my forearms getting bigger in the gym (!) and hopefully also have a super fun couple of days in Fontainebleau next week. My project route here in Stockholm is truly and utterly spitting me off right now and I feel the need to shape up on my power endurance training, but also get a well deserved break just doing some sweet sandstone bouldering.

Team Sweden preparing in Bohuslän for bigger walls ahead.
Team Sweden preparing in Bohuslän for bigger walls ahead.


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