Plans for moving & recovery from illness

My posting here has suffered some distraction after I decided to take a week off work to get my energy back after a stressful period that nearly knocked me out. We decided to take a short trip to our house on the west coast of Sweden to visit some friends, talk to customers and colleagues, climb and just relax. We’ve also started looking at different locations in Gothenburg for buying an apartment in the spring. By now most of my friends and family know we are actually leaving Stockholm for good in march -14 and it feels like a great decision; climbing is better, the ocean is close, we love the people and the rhythm of Gothenburg and Bohuslän.

These plans have been a wish for years but they’ve never really matched the right time in our lives. Now it feels like there’s nothing to wait for! Our hope is to be able to go to Bohuslän at least every weekend to enjoy the climbing or if the weather is bad at least get to cuddle in front of the fire place in our cabin. We’re also extending the garage gym next summer with a real campus board, pullup bars and an area for stretching and mobility training. (Just the thought of having this wonderful place just an hour away instead of six hours as it is now..!)

Leaving the hectic Stockholm for the smaller, more inspiring and less exploited city of Gothenburg

So it turned out to be a good week but also an awful one since I got terribly ill on friday with a stomach flue that knocked me out for the rest of the weekend. Slowly recovering, today I feel hungry for the first time in days and considering the fact I’m already a skinny girl there hasn’t been much extra for my body to feed from when fasting.. But I hope to be back in the gym tomorrow evening for some easy climbing and hangboard training. By now I’ve probably lost some strength and general fitness just by being sick, besides not being able to train, but I know that it will take only about a week until I feel fit for fight again. No harm done!

The closeness to both climbing and the ocean makes Bohuslän nothing short of true paradise! Here approaching some bouldering at Ramsvikslandet.


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