Girlpower in the attic!

Ok, we went to Norrland to rest and have a vacation from the hectic city life and the everyday wear and tear of our hard training.. But we couldn’t resist bringing our hangboard anyway! So after admitting that we are a bit addicted to climbing we pushed through two crushing sessions this week with ”repeaters” and some additional strength á la circuit training with tons of pullups, pushups, squats and evil wheel. It almost felt like good old crossfit days!

One thing is certain; my forearms are so much stronger than ever before and it’s just what I aimed for when starting hangboard training a year ago. Another thing is my overall fitness level has decreased because I haven’t been doing much of anything, other than climbing, since summer.. I have two months to prepare for the three day STAC trainer course ( in march and I hope to have enough time and energy to get back in to a basic shape.. Not that I really care because my main goal is to learn more on functional training and screening so I can incorporate it into training for climbing in the end, not to impress my course leaders. 😉

But what I do want is to be able to inspire future clients via my own fitness level to show that women can be strong and agile and do the same movements as men. I overheard a guy in the climbing gym last week saying ”well you know women have a hard time doing pullups..” and I had to strain myself not to tell him how wrong he is. There is nothing physical a woman can’t do as long as she wants it and gives it enough time and effort. I am living proof of that..!


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