Good plans for the future

Time flies by!! It’s now only a month left for us in Stockholm before moving to Gothenburg. I’m going to buy my last bus-card for Stockholm and that in itself feels like a big deal. For myself I don’t feel hesitant at all, except for the fact I have to leave my mother in this city and that hurts. I’m looking forward to changing my life to the better and having a closer contact to the sea, the rock and the silence in Bohuslän.

I’m also soon finishing my first course in health education and moving on to the next which is on dietetics and nutrition, followed by mental training in sports and physical training. I’m learning so much and it makes me feel like I’m moving in the right direction towards working with health promotion in the future!

Plans for holding courses of my own are starting to take shape as well! I hope to be able to offer sessions for 1-3 athletes (beginners up to intermediates) in training for climbing, functional training, mental training and good changes in habits like diet and recovery. My goal is to start offering these sessions in april 2014. I will let you in on how this progresses and how I intend to set it up once the plan is all finished. 🙂 I’ve had this dream to teach others what I’ve learned myself through the years from fantastic athletes and trainers. My motivation comes from the fact I’ve gone from being not very fit at all to being healthy and strong and that journey has given me such a great feeling and boosted my confidence as a woman. So for me to specialize in female athletes and climbers would be really inspiring.

My intention will be to focus on what’s all ready strong in a client and make it even stronger using the tools available which is the mind, the body and the simplest of training tools like free weights, bodyweight, a small climbing wall, a hangboard and some good imagination!

Below Petter Restorp teaching me to do muscle ups in Bohuslän. One person who’s inspired me to become stronger!

Learning Muscle ups


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