Wonderful, quiet winter on the west coast



We’ve been here again for just a few days and we both agree this is our paradise on earth. Just like it feels every time we come to Bohuslän. When we arrived the snow was deep and cold and we could even ride a sled down the slope in our garden! Today it’s almost gone and the grass has begun to show itself all over the landscape again.

We’ve made some good new friends; two Icelandic horses just around the corner from our house, in need of exercise and company. The owners gladly showed us more of the surrounding trails where it’s ok to ride and explore the wilderness on horseback. Here is a great place to be if you love animals, nature and a quiet lifestyle. Gothenburg will be our platform for work and social life, but Bohuslän is a really motivating reason for us moving. If we have the time to be here once a week that would be a real treat!

I feel the stress of the last couple of years slowly draining away from my mind as I prepare for a more balanced way of life. The reoccurring feelings of ”too much”, ”too stressed”, ”too little time” are thoughts I hope will be less prominent in the future.. More quality of life, not quantity. Tomorrow we’re heading back to Stockholm to do some finishing work but in just three weeks time we’ll be heading for the west coast not to return in just a week or two, but to live and start a hopefully enjoyable every day life.







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