Picture flashback: therapeutic crimps on ”Meniskmani” 7A

What’s your therapy?

I’ve found climbing and riding horses to be the absolute best therapy for me; taking my focus away from painful memories and directing that energy towards stuff that makes me physically and mentally relaxed. It’s painful to crimp, sometimes the skin brakes and you loose your temper when falling off, rubbing your suffering fingertips in despair from the pain and the disappointment. The same with horses; communication can be extremely difficult and finding the perfect balance when turning and moving together as one is one of the most challenging things I can think of. But still it’s always soothing, always invigorating, always inspiring.

When listening to someone telling me of the dullness of everyday life, I can’t help but feeling a bit alien. These two activities has made my life more exciting and passionate. I traded dullness for risk of injury through falling, off a horse or off a rock, and it’s worth it all along..



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