Picture flashback: Wish I was a little bit taller.. Or?



Anyone who has climbed with me knows a bit about my constant complaints on my height, or lack of it.. But I’ve also started noticing good things about it too; being strong on steeper terrain and having a lightness I wouldn’t trade for any centimeter ever. I’ve also realized hiding behind an excuse such as being too short falls.. short.. of having a good foundation! The problem is rather I need my shoulders to get stronger and my technique to become more creative and fluent. Locking off lower makes me feel as if I’m taller meaning I can reach further.

Looking at the picture below illustrates this very problem; not being able to push harder with my right hand makes it impossible for me to reach the next hold due to the position where I have to let my right foot go, being to short to keep it on the good foothold.. I definitely could reach if I had the strength to make the angle bigger between my right shoulder and hand. As of now I can hardly pride myself of having a magic lock-off strength but that makes a good project for the spring; bring on the weighted pullups and offset lock-offs! (Problem ”Ambush” 7A+, Ågesta.)


2 reaktioner på ”Picture flashback: Wish I was a little bit taller.. Or?

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