To acclimatize; easy but hard

It’s not hard to adjust to living in paradise..! Doubtlessly I would be happy forever if life was always like this; filled with love, friends, climbing, riding horses and the sweetest of spring weather. But we all know life is not like that. It’s a fine balance between good and bad, hardship and joy.. I’m one of those people who believe if one thing goes well, regardless of the size or impact, something worse will happen to balance it up and vice versa. Just like yin and yang. I find a sort of fragile comfort in this idea that also makes it easier to tackle hard events in your life. After having moved from Stockholm this weekend we’ve spent our first days here relaxing, riding our two new horse-friends Frida and Sunna and bouldering at Tosteröd with friends. Life couldn’t be easier or more fun than this.. So what’s waiting to balance these good things up?

Rickard Ekehed & Hanna Mellin at Tosteröds vattnet

Sunset at Tosteröds vattnet after climbing

Perfect bouldering at Tosterö

Me and icelandic young horse Frida
Icelandic horse Sunna getting brushed & rubbed just as she likes it!

Otis & rabbit having a stare-down..


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