Spring is knocking..

but still it’s a bit too cold for me.. I admit being a cranky old lady about this; but I like my climbing to be slightly more lukewarm and without ten layers of merino underneath a bulky downjacket. So I spent today just watching stronger and more resilient climbers work their skin against the lovely granite of Bohuslän. A bit frustrating since I’m longing to climb outside but I’m just too comfortable not trying.. Stefan did a first ascent of a really aesthetic line at Ramsvikslandet in the setting sun, I wish I had a better camera..!

But I ended the day with a strong training session instead of crushing granite and felt a bit like myself again! I’m starting to focus more on my lockoff strength on steep problems as well as doing one arm pullup training just to boost my lats even more. But for now I’ll have a good dinner and a good movie, spending a well deserved couple of days off in my favorite place in the world.




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