How do you work?

Training and setting up goals for training is easy once you’ve figured out what it is that you like and long for. But the actual process of executing can be difficult and often leaves you confused. The trick is to get to know your very own function; meaning the very unique ways that your body and mind reacts to training. For me it’s always hard to get serious about sending projects at the crag and feeling confident in the beginning of a season. I struggle on just topping out on easier problems and feel sort of lost when figuring out betas and hard sequences. Even though I’ve climbed for many years this stroke of initial insecurity still seems to linger.. Accepting this part of my personality or this function in my mental state is always frustrating but through experience I know the ice usually brakes and I get a better flow after a couple of sessions outside on real rock. I will never be a flash-master-rock-star and all the better if I like the way I work and get along with my uniqueness in climbing.

Feeling badass comes with accepting you’re not.. Or maybe just a little? 😉



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