Häller; hard & unforgiving but beautiful

Climbing outside is a real challenge when you spend many months in the winter just hanging in the gym and grabbing plastic holds. You feel awkward when topping out, standing on tiny footholds and grabbing the sharpest of crimps that plastic could never mimic. We went to Häller today after a dreamlike ride on our icelandic horses down to the sea and back. As always Häller is super hard and treacherous but beautiful. You look at the problems and think it will be a piece of cake but there is no forgiveness here… Stefan started by doing the somewhat tall problem The Rail Problem second go and looked super strong but it seemed to wear off during the afternoon and turned in to more frustration than sending energy on the rest of his projects even though he looked good on Hippodrome.

I was glad to nail the beta-blind moves on Alf after having done the problem years ago but not being able to repeat it since then until today. I also enjoyed doing two new problems; the extremely physical problem just named ? and I realized the name actually makes sense thanks to the sitstart and Hipps don’t lie, a one move wonder with a surprisingly cocky topout mantle.

If we’re fortunate tomorrow offers some more cloud free skies for us to enjoy.




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