Eye opening at STAC

I’ve spent three stimulating days at the Scandinavian Top Athletic Center (STAC) http://www.stac.nu in Ronneby. They offer a holistic perspective on training, nutrition and mental soundness based on years of experience from helping top athletes competing on the highest level to people with serious injurys in need of rehabilitation and also ordinary people just looking for a healthier lifestyle. I heard of their concept and the base level trainer course from my friend Micke Raittila at Crossfit Åre http://www.crossfitare.com who took the same course two years ago. I’ve been looking for a place like this for a long time; realizing there aren’t many around in Sweden with the same experience, professionalism and philosophy that STAC demonstrate. So hats off for this course that has taught me the basics of their way of working; I’m also impressed by their results in helping clients of such great variety. The course leader Joakim Dettner teaches with enthusiasm, a sense of humour, confidence and clarity; although it would take a lot more than three days to thoroughly tap into his enormous bank of knowledge.. I would say this is the only downside to the short version I just took, the time is limited and there are only so many things a course leader can show you in three days, so I feel the need to return to learn more and there are different ways to go about this. For me the first step will probably be to take a sport specific screening to see how they can help me improve towards my own goals as an athlete and climber. The next step I hope to be the STAC Professional course where there is greater focus on the therapeutic tools the use in rehabilitating clients and athletes.

I hope to be able to use this superb experience in helping others to train more knowingly and with better function for their very unique bodies and the sport they want to improve in. Of course climbers are my first priority and I am confident I can guide you with this knowledge to become more aware of the small things you can adjust in your own training to better the end results and also to become a more balanced athlete overall!



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