On trial; free from gluten

I’ve decided to go for some time without gluten; for many reasons. First, I try to keep up with research from different sources and I’ve learned the hard way to be very critical when looking at reports but also to be curious. There seems to be no easy way of knowing if a gluten free diet makes you healthier or not but there are some indications that gluten can be harmful for almost everyone even though not everyone will be diagnosed with celiac disease. The harm gluten appears to be doing in our bodies is not always evident and symptoms can be subtle and confusing. I’ve suffered from a troubled stomach as long as I can recall and there are certain things that I’ve noticed makes it worse; products containing gluten (although this is something I’ve realized just now, believe it or not). I also suffer from inflammation in my joints and this gets worse when I consume the same kind of food as mentioned above. I also get a sense of low energy and a clouded, dizzy sensation that gets almost chronic when eating a lot of wheat-based foods.

Sadly for me I love bread, I love pancakes and waffles and all sorts of pasta; but I’ve tried not to eat too much of these products over the last couple of years, for many other reasons that the fact it contains gluten. This reality didn’t really cross my mind. But there’s always one way to find out what can make you feel different; exclude or include something in your diet while monitoring that you consume enough of the vital nutrients to maintain health, muscle mass, healthy fat-levels and energy. Since last year I’ve excluded red and white meat from my diet and replaced it with legumes and more fish (from what I hope to be reliable sources considering over-fishing etc). I feel great doing this and by no means do I feel weaker or that I enjoy my food less! I’ve also never had any issue what so ever to train a lot (and I do) when not stuffing myself with wheat flour.

Gluten is something that could be considered a sensitive subject in most circuits; what to eat if not traditional pasta, bread and pizza made from wheat? It’s hard to understand this attitude when there are alternatives that taste just fine. Traditions and upbringing plays a crucial role here and I usually say that talking about food is the most dangerous endevour one can embrace! But I’ve gotten used to the critique and the questions, the potential mobbing even and decided to go my own way.. So on to the experiment with a gluten-free diet for the next couple of months and if I feel it’s something I can get used to I’ll likely keep it up..

I recommend the following books for more information and inspiration, remember to read with a critical mind and find out what’s true for yourself:

– Grain Brain (D Perlmutter)

– Anticancer (David Servan-Schreiber)

– The Primal Blueprint (Mark Sisson)

– Matrevolutionen (Andreas Eenfeldt)

 Dangerous Grains (James Braly)



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