How many ascents…

…can you count for yourself in one week, a month, a year? And by that I mean real ascents on lead or boulder problems where you top out; at the crag!

For me the number is terrifyingly low and I won’t even confess openly to it here, but to myself I will I realize it’s time to change. I know some people who climb more routes in one month than I do in a year; and in climbing quantity can equal quality regarding the way your mind and body adjusts to the game and creates a great scheme of movements and skills to work from the more you climb in varying styles, type of rock and in different settings, even when on a high level this function still matters. If you, like me, don’t climb enough these schemes won’t evolve much and stall performance in the long run. When visiting climbing areas in Spain for example I’ve seen local climbers making a handful of ascents for warmup and going for the project for a good set of tries and then climbing a last bunch of routes before cooling down. For me this same day would have been spent ascending maximum one of those handful of routes, if I’m on a roll..! To be honest, how do you spend your days at the crag, if counting counts? 😉

Adrien, a dutch talent we met in Siurana 2012 climbed most of the routes available for a climber at his level during a single day. Not to mention the mass of routes he ascended over the whole week he was there..





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