Rain brings good training days

The weather has been bad for the crag for some time and I regret not giving my project route a real effort before the rain came along and broke the friction-spell..! But at least there’s more time to train hard and work my physical and technical weak points in the gym. This last month I’ve focused on a transition from maximum bouldering towards more endurance while still keeping a good level of finger- and lock off strength. I’ve asked for some well needed advice on training from one of Swedens most experienced climbing coaches Carlos Cabrera and he’s definately opened my eyes to some of the things I need to improve. After summer and at the end of the outdoor season my hope is to train even better with his help and maybe see some results in weak areas of my climbing!

For now I’ll keep doing hard bouldersessions, lock off- and hangboard training at least twice a week combined with rope climbing at the crag. I feel strong and motivated now and that’s a good thing after having somewhat of a hard time in my climbing since we moved and made such big alterations in life; also recovering from a too stressful environment as it were takes time and energy, more than I thought initially..



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