The need for the other elements

I suddenly have the most special feeling of summer coming on and my will to train hard just dies off a bit; when the flowers bloom and the ocean warms up by the day. I just want to spend my days cutting grass, planting seeds and grooming my horse. I suddenly don’t care if I’m the strongest or most fullfilled climber around. When the fall comes and the weather simply sucks it’s a perfect way to distract your mind from it all by training hard and pretending you actually get somewhere. In fact I don’t really get much higher but at least I enjoy working out and spending my time getting fit and healthy. So, this is my climbers summer-sickness I always feel this way and I always retreat from the gym, the plastic and even the crag when summer arrives. The ocean calls for me instead and fullfills my need to upload on the other elements; water and fire (the sea and the sun). The earth and eather elements (rock and climbing) is at it’s highest level and I’m just stuffed. Well, that’s one way of putting it, but it’s a rather good one I think ;-).

I admire those who can keep training hard throughout the summer, and I don’t blame them their craziness since I’ve been like that for many years myself. Might be I’m also getting older (more adult?) considering other aspects of life to be worth while, not just training for climbing..? My goal at least for the summer is to lead easy routes on traditional gear and to on-sight as many easy sport routes as I can. It feels like a perfect way to spend the hot summer days; not having to perform very much at all, just move over rock for the fun of it. But for now, the upcoming weeks, most of my time will be spent getting to know my new horse ”Ikaros” and that takes both energy and time, but time I don’t hesitate to give.


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