Good love for climbing

A whole year has passed since I moved from Stockholm to what I hoped would be a better place for me in Gothenburg. I all things have added up to prove that I made just the right decision! I feel more free, less stressed and I’ve started living my life more the way I want to. It’s been a good while since I wrote something but if I’m lucky this might change as well from now on.

So, this being a blog on a life with climbing in it: what´s going on with my own climbing?

I took a proper rest from it all for 4-5 months during 2014 and after 12 years of active training it felt like just the right thing to do. (Even though it was in the wake of the best shape I’ve had ever in my climbing…!) I needed the space and time to think about what it means to me having suffered immense struggles in the mental aspects of the sport.. Climbing is a complex phenomenon in my life, I guess it always will be, but I’ve come to some conclusions about what it is I need to stay motivated for the game:

– Freedom: the feeling of being free from demands & expectations in my training. At least for now. Training means being happy in the moment and not fighting the feeling of inadequacy.

– Critical thinking: to not just be passionate about climbing but to be smart and intelligent means I create a good sense of detachment that seems to work for me.

– Time: no more climbing than what I feel is right for me, meaning 1-4 times a week and to accept this without prejudice. I still feel my basic level of expertise in climbing is really good and it doesn’t change much if I don’t train ”enough”. I now know that boosting my level can be done with simple methods..

– Coaching: helping others with their climbing seems to motivate my own climbing and I feel a rush of inspiration when I see someone else improving thanks to my advice. This is a new experience for me and one I really think I can learn to love!

– Good love: to love the game of climbing can be a two faced situation, love can make us weak and leave us feeling constantly controlled but it can also mean being free and full of lust. So to love climbing means to treat it like you should treat a lover: set it free and set myself free will make the relationship grow and turn into a beautiful painting of experiences. 

Training for climbing & climbing has to be fun, no other ways around it in my life..



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