Pyramid vs diamond? To form a steady base of support.

What a spring! I don´t think I’ve ever climbed as much outside as I’ve done over the last 3-4 months. And I mean I haven’t climbed this much at any time in my life as a climber, rather remarkable since I’ve been an active climber for nearly 15 years! I’ve trained a lot, no doubt, and I’ve been red pointing – learning the skill of automatic movement, but this spring has been great for me getting used to on sighting and lead climbing on easier routes. Might sound strange but my experience in climbing looks a bit like a diamond shape instead of a pyramid; my base of support in having done easy routes en masse is almost none existing. Instead I’ve been focusing on getting stronger and more skilled on harder moves, not realizing that a wide base of easy routes makes me a better climber in many more ways than I would expect.

Climbing is special in a sense that you can become rather strong quickly with access on how to program hard training and online videos showing how to move effectively on the wall; the inflation of the sport has many benefits of course, but the downside of this might be that many of us forget to spend enough time on easy terrain and continue to do so when we become stronger. The inspiration we get from looking at climbing heroes online makes us dream big and this is great, but in my case it might have made me a worse climber in the long run!

That´s why I feel so good about this spring and the fact my climbing has been spent mostly getting used to the new crags here in Gothenburg. But.. As we all know I simply love, love, love the feeling of being strong..! I’m not ashamed of that fact; because strength lifts me up and proves to me I can transform and be more than I thought. It’s not superficial for me but rather illuminating to learn how my body can adapt so well to demands from my surrounding. So having climbed easy for a good while it’s now time to hit the bouldering wall and look forward to projecting on my limit. But the thing I’ve learned is that I will never stop on sighting easier routes despite if I can manage to reach my former top level again.IMG_6322


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