Coaching for better climbing!

We are finally on track with our new courses in training for climbing, introduction for new climbers and personal training for climbers! It feels great and I think I speak for both me and Christian when I say this is something that inspires us a lot. The last year has been really different for me considering my own climbing and training. I took 6 months away from climbing and found out I actually could fill that time with other activities I love, no problem. Before I tried taking a brake it seemed impossible to live without climbing but of course it’s less about the climbing and more about being happy and loving life – and this is not very hard for me since I have hobbies on the side that I love just as much. I do think this should be a staple part of your life as a climber; have a plan B that is not just a necessary evil but something you love just as much or at least almost as much.

Having not climbed as hard as I used to has on the other hand given me more energy to coach others! I realize my knowledge on training for climbing goes rather deep already and I feel so motivated to teach others how to become stronger and more complete and functional as climbers. This might be the most important factor when coaching someone else; not to compare or see yourself in their performance but to really enjoy their very unique journey in climbing – my experiences can surely be of assistance but they do the work and the cooperation is what inspires me the most.

Christian, as an osteopath, provides such great knowledge on the human bio mechanical system and insight into injury and rehabilitation and for my part, as a trainer, I feel I can show different ways towards a stronger, more functional physique for climbing – we seem to make up a good team, hopefully for a long time (and our common goal is to conquer the world, of course 😉 ). Our background goes something like this: we both noticed that in the climbing community there is a lack of good coaching for the commoners, if you’re an elite climber it’s not very hard because then you often receive the good advice and attention from coaches and sponsors. But for you and me and most middle range climbers who still want to evolve and become all we can be there is still a big hole in the community, no personal trainers, coaches or other dedicated professionals are available. So we decided to do something about that considering we all ready have a good set of tools and are willing to learn more based on scientific research and well grounded theories on physical training.

So I hope many of you out there who are longing to learn more on training for climbing look us up; I’m convinced we can teach you a lot more on how to become a more fit and functional climber! As of now we’re based in Gothenburg but we wont say no to taking trips to other cities in Sweden If you’re curious to hire us for courses at your local climbing gym.



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